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Digital Speedos joined the Google Shopping race and sped past competitors

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Digital Speedos saw impressions grow by 67% with intent-informed automated bidding
Digital Speedos saw impressions grow by 67% with intent-informed automated bidding

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Visibility and revenue saw a boost with a hybrid method

Since managing both Digital Speedos’ Google Shopping campaigns and Performance Max campaigns, the client has seen substantial growth.

Overall, the channel has seen a 67% increase in impressions year-on-year (YoY) and 45% more clicks. This highlights our technology platform’s ability to successfully bid for the highest place on the Shopping carousel at the best possible time, taking into account profitability and user intent.

Revenue has grown by 51% YoY, and conversions have seen a 40% boost. Digital Speedos have benefited from working with us for both Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, showing that our granular approach can help boost campaign performance.

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Difficulty growing Google Shopping performance in-house

Digital Speedos was already on Google Shopping. However, as is the case with many retailers, Google Shopping was proving to be a difficult channel to grow. As a highly competitive channel, it’s unsurprising that retailers find it hard to gain traction.

Managing a successful Google Shopping campaign in-house is a challenging task. Ideally, bids should be placed and adjusted on an individual SKU level responding in real time to fluctuations in traffic. It becomes an impossible task for any human to complete, especially with larger product catalogues. 

Digital Speedos saw impressions grow by 67% with intent-informed automated bidding

We’ve been impressed with how Bidnamic have improved our Google Shopping visibility and we appreciate their commitment to transparent data.

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Optimising SKUs on a granular level, informed by user intent

Bidnamic’s machine learning platform continuously examines shifts in online traffic and dynamically adjusts bids in real-time. Our approach of optimising each individual SKU for visibility and profitability helps our clients beat their competitors on Google Shopping.

Pinpointing high-intent search queries allows our technology platform to intensify those bids and focus on searches showing strong purchase intent. Additionally, our Client Success team is readily available to offer guidance and strategic insights for further optimisation.

Digital Speedos saw impressions grow by 67% with intent-informed automated bidding
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The ultimate destination for spare motorcycle parts

Digital Speedos is a brand committed to customer satisfaction, made evident by a combination of world-class products and top-notch customer service.

With a comprehensive range of top-quality products that redefine excellence in the industry, Digital Speedos has motorcycle enthusiasts covered. They don’t stop at having a meticulously curated selection of products: Digital Speedos goes the extra mile and offers free technical support to customers courtesy of their team of experts.

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