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Trusted B2B retailer needed a strategy to increase profitability through Google Shopping

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Corgi Direct increased revenue by 92% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic
Corgi Direct increased revenue by 92% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic

The results

Corgi Direct achieves substantial conversion, revenue and ROAS growth year-on-year

Comparing data since Corgi Direct joined Bidnamic with data from the same period a year earlier, the retailer has seen significant growth: year-on-year, conversions grew 60%, revenue grew 92%, and ROAS grew by 57%.

Moreover, CPC was cut by 22% and cost per acquisition pared back by nearly a quarter.

On top of these exciting metrics, glowing feedback from Adam at Corgi Direct reveals that the automation – along with regular informative consultations with our Client Success team – have also boosted subscribers, bolstering visits to their website by an extra thirty thousand.

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The challenge

Profitably managing a cumbersome catalogue amidst fierce competition 

Corgi Direct were already fortunate in finding success through the Google Shopping platform, accomplishing a healthy ROAS. Happy as they were with their results, Corgi Direct were seeking to break through the glass ceiling and scale the business further.

However, Corgi Direct’s ecommerce manager, Adam, expressed the obstacles he faced as he personally oversaw bid management: their catalogue was simply too large to attribute sufficient time towards, and market competition threatened visibility and growth.

With various other ecommerce channels to manage, Adam was struggling to find time to dedicate towards Google Shopping. With a goal to cut ad spend and boost sales, Corgi Direct turned to Bidnamic.

Corgi Direct increased revenue by 92% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic

My experience has been second to none. Bidnamic are a supportive, knowledgeable, and result driven business. They take the time to learn about your business goals and objectives. I can concentrate on other areas of the business, and know that Bidnamic will continue to drive results. Overall I would highly recommend them.

Adam Gray

Ecommerce Manager

The solution

Dynamic account management with a powerful automated solution

Regular calls allow our Client Success team to personally get to know a client’s business, as well as to suggest new ideas, and optimisations, enabling us to work hand in hand with our clients to achieve their goals through Google Shopping.

Furthermore, our machine-learning platform takes care of bid adjustments, calculating real-time fluctuations in over a hundred different market variables for each and every SKU. 

This enables our tech to target the individual bidding “sweet spot” for each SKU, and continue to analyse and action a new CPC as variables like conversion rate and average order value fluctuate.

The AI technology returns clients their time that would have been spent manually updating bids, providing them more opportunity to concentrate on other areas of business.

Corgi Direct increased revenue by 92% using Bidnamic's solution | Bidnamic

The scoop

Trusted B2B retailer supports and supplies professional tradesmen nationwide

Corgi Direct supplies British heating and plumbing related businesses with specialised parts and equipment for safe and professional installation. 

The trade suppliers advertise thousands of SKUs through Google Shopping, many of which contain very specific model numbers and names. Corgi Direct were already finding Google Shopping to be a valuable channel in their digital approach, and were naturally eager to learn how to scale their account.

Having joined as recently as November 2020, Corgi Direct are keen to shout about their experience with Bidnamic as a Google Shopping bid management platform.

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