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Hello! If you've just signed with us then welcome to Bidnamic! In this video Harrie, our onboarding specialist with talk you through what to expect and introduce you to the people you'll be working very closely with on your Google Shopping journey. If you've found this video out of curiosity or maybe you're unsure about signing we hope you find it insightful and if you would like to talk to one of Google Shopping Specialists you can book a call using the link below.


Hi. I'm Harrie, an Onboarding Specialist here at Bidnamic. In today's video, we'll just go over what to expect in your first few months with us, the client success team and the data analysts behind the accounts.

Thank you again for choosing Bidnamic to go on your Google Shopping journey with you. You've already had the sales pitch, but just to reiterate how large a channel it is, Google does make up 92% of the search engine market share. It makes up 85% of all paid ad clicks and on average of about 5.4 billion searches a day. So it's a huge channel, and we're here to make the most of it with you.

Now we're going to be working so closely together, it'd be nice to introduce you to the rest of the team. So here they are.1

Hi, I'm Henry. Head of Client Success. Hi I'm Ethan, one of the Client Success managers here at Bidnamic. Hi, I'm Faith and I'm a Client Success Manager. Hi, I'm Eliot. I'm a Senior Client Success manager here at Bidnamic. Hi, I'm Danielle, Client Success Manager here at Bidnamic. Hi, I'm Natalie, I'm the Client Success Coordinator.

In your first few months with us here at Bidnamic, here's what to expect. We’ll break it down into the first three months.

So in month one, it's really about learnings and what's previously on the account. So we'll look at all your search term data, your current bids, your previous bids, etc, and how we can use those going forward. And in this time, you will also have your kickoff call where you meet the team you'll be working with; a structure call where we explain the method behind the madness; and some optimization calls where we'll look at maybe click through rate, lifetime value, the Merchant Center, etc.

Month two is where we really take these learnings and start to adapt the account to where we want it to be. So we'll have a lot of search term data and bids will be adjusted to where we start to want them to be at this point. And with the search time data as well, we'll really see that intent funnel start to build out. This is when weekly calls start. So every week we can align goals, make sure we're always on the same page, use this data that we're gathering and feed it back to you.

Obviously, you have your dashboard anyway where you can see what's going on, but it's just to make sure we're in regular contact, always on the same page, and really getting the most out of this first initial period together.

So onto month three, which is by no means the final month of learning with us, here at Bidnamic. But it's kind of the last part of this transitional period, and this is where we will start to see optimization on the account, we'll see bids where we'd like them to be, we'll have tons of search term data behind us, and this will mean we've got a fully functioning intent funnel to work with.

Not only is that incredibly valuable to us at Bidnamic, you can reinvest this to your organic other paid channels, etc. and it can just be invaluable to your company. I hope you enjoyed the video and feel a little bit more familiar with the team that will be behind your account and we all look forward to speaking to you on your kickoff call.

Laura Burton

Laura Burton

Laura is a Senior Content Marketing Executive. She creates video content for Bidnamic as well as ensures the team has everything they need to help our clients.

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