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Google has retired Smart Shopping campaigns and has replaced them with Performance Max campaigns. Get up-to-date information on Performance Max here.



Bidnamic outperforms Smart Shopping campaigns, growing your ROAS and revenue, and taking your Google Shopping management to the next level. Bidnamic is powered by data and uses machine learning to make decisions on a 24/7 basis.

Smart Shopping’s ‘black box’ approach removes any visibility into the wealth of data generated by your Google Shopping investment. Bidnamic bids down to the most granular level using SKU level bidding, using insights not available in Smart Shopping.


I'm the COO and Co-founder of Bidnamic. I've been involved in and set up several ecommerce ventures which led to the creation of Bidnamic.

In this video, we will be discussing what Google Smart Shopping is if it is right for your business, and why marketers are upgrading from Smart Shopping to Bidnamic.

The three main points that we will cover are how to outrank your competitors for the most valuable search terms, how data-driven insights are lost in Smart Shopping, and if Google Shopping is a platform you are looking to scale, how you can regain that control with Bidnamic.

Google Smart Shopping is an automated bidding tool that is readily available and easy to use. Smart Shopping is using Google's machine learning solution which places bids automatically depending on the goal you choose, whether that's to maximize conversions or to target a set return on advertising spend.

Google Smart Shopping is a great tool for small businesses or those that are just starting out on Google Ads. It's an easy and simple tool to use. However, if Google Shopping is one of your main channels and you want to scale this channel, there are a few things you should consider.

Knowing your most valuable search terms is a vital part in out-ranking your competitors on Google Shopping. Using Google Smart Shopping is like putting your data in a black box, preventing access to those valuable search terms.

The Bidnamic technology provides access to real-time converting search terms. This then directs called our Bidnamic machine learning engine to update your products CPCs to bid more aggressively to win those high-converting search terms. Data-driven insights get lost in Smart Shopping. These insights are vital to improving campaigns and other areas of your business.

Examples, of where our clients make use of performance data from shopping, are to boost paid channels like Text ads, Amazon ads, Bing ads, and Bing shopping ads. Consider if these data insights are important to your business growth.

Our client, Lux Deco was previously using Smart Shopping and was struggling to gain visibility due to the lack of insights from Smart Shopping. They had a vast catalog of products with over 10,000 SKUs and needed a solution that would ensure they were always in the sweet spot of bidding.

With our technology in the first 50 days, they saw a 47% increase in their search impression share, which resulted in very strong revenue growth of more than 350%. Greater data insight means you can make search team data your unfair advantage against competitors across all channels.

Lighting specialist BLT Direct has been using the high-converting search terms learned from Google Shopping to boost their text ad revenue by 109% year on year.

Another retailer, Holcros Limited, active in the outdoor leisure business, has been able to benefit by using Google Shopping, search, and data to successfully boost SEO listings of products and collection pages.

The data that is restricted with Smart Shopping can be regained through your shopping campaigns and repurposed to increase your performance across other platforms, such as SEO Text ads and Amazon.

Machine learning technology alone can't achieve the best possible results. It needs human input to manage and direct campaigns. In the same way, retailers can't access granular sales and performance data from Smart Shopping.

They cannot provide human oversights or experience. Bidnamic combines the power of huge data processing and predictive analytics with your deep understanding of your market product range and customers because you know your business and your goals better than anyone.

We have a dedicated customer success team who are experts in their field and will get to know your business and your goals, and align your Google Shopping strategy with those in mind. Having weekly touch points with our customers ensures we are always up to date on your business, be it new promotions, flash sales, or keeping us in the loop about sales generated by offline channels such as in-store or phone sales.

Our technology will make use of historical data in your advertising account, allowing the Bidnamic technology, to gain a head start over Smart Shopping. Our in-house data scientists developed reliable tracking periods, enabling our analysts to determine the accuracy of the already collected data and assess your tracking pixel on your site.

This provides us with accurate, historic data and ensures that going forward, the maximum of available data can be leveraged for your business. In this video, we've talked about how to outrank the competition, the loss of data with Smart Shopping, and how Bidnamic can help you regain control.

If you would like to know more about Bidnamic. You can book a call with one of our Google Shopping experts who will determine if our technology can work for you.

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