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How do Google Shopping agencies optimize your campaigns?

Managing and optimizing Google Shopping campaigns manually can be a complex and time consuming task. Each SKU can have many variables, and they can change over time.

Specialist PPC agencies use scripts or third party tools, often spreadsheet-based, to automate reporting and generate optimization suggestions. These then need to be analyzed, and the best of them implemented manually using some form of block bidding.


The challenge of managing Google Shopping manually

Lots of marketers like the control that comes from managing campaigns manually. It allows you to adjust bids based on unique variables, such as stock availability.

But hundreds of campaign metrics, thousands of products, and tens of thousands of search terms mean that staying on top of Google Shopping management has gone beyond what humans can manage.

Human beings can’t always be available to monitor and update bid prices at all times of day and night, or even on weekends.

Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping and its limitations

Faced with this challenge, many agencies rely on Google’s ‘set it and forget it’ Smart Shopping platform, which saves time and money.

It’s a good option when Google Shopping is a secondary channel or there’s a low frequency of campaign changes.

Unlike Bidnamic’s advanced platform, the black box approach used by Smart Shopping removes access to valuable granular data. More advanced marketers get frustrated at not being able to apply their unique insights to optimize campaigns.

Machine learning

Machine learning technology with the human touch

At Bidnamic, we are data-driven and combine machine learning with human thinking to get the best results. Our automated bidding platform is 100% transparent, providing granular data insights.

Also, we know that no one knows your business like you do, which is why we keep your brand expertise close to the heart of decision-making. 

With regular catch-up calls with our Client Success team, you and your agency can communicate concerns, discuss new ideas, plan for upcoming retail events, and receive a thorough report on the results of your Google Shopping campaigns.

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