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Brand new to Google Shopping, innovative beauty brand conquers platform with machine learning and human thinking

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REFY launch Google Shopping with Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking management | Bidnamic
REFY launch Google Shopping with Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking management | Bidnamic

The results

REFY has already benefited from profitable sales, having acquired the lion’s share of search impressions and clicks

Our sophisticated Google Shopping strategy assisted REFY before they eventually sold out in just months later. Following their long-awaited restock, REFY have been dominating the carousel, claiming large chunks of traffic and conversions from well-established rivals, thanks to Bidnamic’s TSTs.

REFY joined Google Shopping with Bidnamic’s help, aiding them to bid with precision and reach a profitable and competitive ranking on the carousel. By trusting Bidnamic and our data analysts with their bid management, REFY have been able to save time to invest in other areas of marketing. 

What’s more, Bidnamic provides profound data insights that can be repurposed for other marketing activities like SEO and social media. REFY has already benefited from profitable sales, and acquired the lion’s share of search impressions and clicks against well established rivals on the platform.

In the three months following REFY’s anticipated restock, the brand’s TSTs has maintained a 84% search impression share, a 47% share of clicks, and an overall brand share of 37%. In this time, there have been a total 32.8 thousand keywords changes, as well as an impressive 57.2 thousand changes to REFY’s Shopping account, of which 22.7 thousand are bid changes.

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The challenge

REFY needed to make their Google Shopping debut whilst maintaining both profitability and visibility amidst fierce competition

To guarantee substantial search traffic for their new brand name and products, the two young entrepreneurs built their brand through visual social media platforms like Instagram. Having amassed a following of over 1.3 million users, the brand succeeded in warming their audience. 

REFY’s popularity was soaring, and as soon as the products went live, fashion-forward fans were quick to bag the brow-sculpting goods. With Bidnamic’s help directing traffic to REFY’s site, within just six weeks they had completely sold out. Hundreds of thousands joined a waiting list to be first in line for the new restock in January. So why was Bidnamic necessary?

REFY needed dynamic and expert management to dominate Google Shopping’s carousel against larger competition, without paying too much for guaranteed clicks or paying too little and losing traffic.

REFY launch Google Shopping with Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking management | Bidnamic

We're extremely happy with our visibility on Google Shopping, Bidnamic have helped us to appear for search terms we ordinarily wouldn't have ranked for organically which was really important in the early stages of our brand launch.

Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Head of Marketing

The solution

Advanced automation, running 24/7 with accessible, granular data insights

Bidnamic’s technology enabled REFY to focus their time and attention on other business matters, leaving their Shopping campaigns in capable hands.

This means REFY can rely on automation to track impressions, clicks, and conversions in real-time, so the moment Co-Founder Jess posts on Instagram, or a TikTok guide to sculpted brows goes viral, the automation can capture the influx of purchase-ready traffic coming through Google.

Eyebrow styling has become an increasingly popular branch of cosmetics. Huge corporations and local startups contend using chic aesthetics and prominent influencers, but when it comes to whose product is best, it’s not so easy to distinguish between brands.

Bidnamic clients benefit from Targeted Search Terms (TSTs) - an in-house development which identifies outlying search terms, signalling to the automation to bid a much greater amount for these converting keywords. 

In addition to powerful automation, our clients receive bespoke consultations with our expert Client Success team. Here they can provide feedback on your account, highlight issues on your Merchant Centre or tracking pixels, and discuss your ecommerce strategy. Human insight, as well as benchmarking against active brands in the industry, allow informed decisions and precise performance.

REFY launch Google Shopping with Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking management | Bidnamic

The scoop

Iconic on Instagram; golden on Google Shopping: How bold, bushy, and beautiful brows conquered the carousel 

REFY beauty broke the mould when they emerged in summer 2020, with one bold aim: redefining beauty. Their revolutionary products have already made waves, replacing popular at-home alternatives like brow soaps and lamination. Already, REFY’s Co-Founders, Jess Hunt and Jenna Meek, have featured in beauty and fashion magazines internationally, most notably in the haute couture bible, Vogue.

Boasting an impressive Instagram following, Jess and Jenna had already cultivated an enamoured audience, eager to get their hands on REFY’s revolutionary brow-styling products.

In the third quarter of 2020, REFY was still a new name on the market, and had no previous campaigns with Google Shopping. Launching their products amidst fierce competition from brands with comparable social media influence would be a risky venture.

REFY chose Bidnamic to manage their Google Shopping endeavours.

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