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Renowned skate store Welcome put their trust in Bidnamic to grow their visibility

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Welcome scaled their Shopping channel and saw a 166% increase in impression share | Bidnamic
Welcome scaled their Shopping channel and saw a 166% increase in impression share | Bidnamic

The results

Bidnamic has helped drive impression share by 166%, and grown revenue by 21%

Since working with Bidnamic, Welcome have seen improvements in multiple aspects of their Google Shopping campaigns. The account has been performing consistently well, and Welcome’s set targets have been maintained. This has allowed them to focus on the rest of their business, as they are still dealing with aspects of reopening their store post-lockdown.

Impression share has increased by 166%, with an increase of 48% in overall impressions, showing that our machine learning platform has grown Welcome’s visibility. Our technology has meant Welcome has only had to be hands-on and involved when they’ve wanted to be.

The conversion rate of ads has also improved by 18%, leading to an increase of 21% in revenue. Following a spike of interest in skating following the Olympics, our technology has been able to target these high intent searches to get Welcome’s ads in front of the most interested shoppers.

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The challenge

Google Shopping was too time-consuming to manage profitably and previous agencies had let them down

Welcome had found it difficult in the past to trust marketing agencies with their brand, and felt that they were often unable to allow their brand’s personality to come through. Taking the matter into their own hands, manual bid management was turning out to be time-intensive, with few bid adjustments as a result.

Whilst the brand was seeing a high volume of sales through marketplaces, they seemed to create a buffer between the brand and their customers, impacting their relationship with the skate community. Third-party sales also prevented Welcome from accessing valuable data to enable marketing activities like remarketing ads.

As a skater-focused retailer, their large catalogue contains far more niche ranges which historically are more likely to have a longer lifetime value and entice repeat customers. Welcome wanted to increase the visibility of these products and achieve a greater volume of sales through Google Shopping campaigns.

Welcome scaled their Shopping channel and saw a 166% increase in impression share | Bidnamic

Working with Bidnamic has been incredibly easy for us. Faith has been our main point of contact and has made things extremely straightforward, providing basic information on performance and detailed analysis. Other members of the team have helped us find solutions to other complex problems.

Tom Brown


The solution

The skate specialists needed an automated solution that would increase their visibility

Bidnamic’s machine learning operates at an individual SKU level, enabling us to action new CPCs when things like average order value and conversion rate fluctuate. This automated process takes the time-consuming task of manual bidding from our clients, leaving them able to focus on other tasks associated with their business.

We also have a commitment to data transparency: Our clients are able to access a comprehensive dashboard that features real-time, granular data. This allows our clients to see what our technology is doing for them, and means we can collaborate on ways to further improve campaign efforts.

On top of this, we offer a human touch: our Client Success team provides weekly consultations to discuss account performance and answer any questions in regards to Google Shopping. Gathering information from Welcome helps us to optimise their campaigns and provide the best possible outcome from the channel.

Welcome scaled their Shopping channel and saw a 166% increase in impression share | Bidnamic

The scoop

Independent, skater-owned and focused Welcome are a renowned brand with a focus on quality goods

Welcome is an independent, skater-owned store based in Leeds. Established by two passionate skateboarding friends, the brand now acts as a hub for the Yorkshire skateboarding scene, which is heralded as the skate capital of the north.

Welcome also started the iconic ‘Don’t Mess With Yorkshire’ brand which quickly rose to popularity and frequently sold out of stock. 

They have fast become one of the most renowned skateboard stores in the UK, stocking a large selection of hardware and accessories from various brands, some of which sell out in mere minutes.

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