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Sparkling stats: VIRAGE London increase conversion rate by 53%

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VIRAGE London saw a 657% increase in clicks with Bidnamic's machine learning, human thinking
VIRAGE London saw a 657% increase in clicks with Bidnamic's machine learning, human thinking

The results

Bidnamics’s machine learning, human thinking approach increased clicks 657%

VIRAGE has seen impressive results since teaming up with Bidnamic, which both parties are thrilled to see! 

VIRAGE had hoped to increase visibility to get ahead of their competitors, so it’s great to see that their clicks have increased by a whopping 657% period on period. One of their other main goals was to increase impression share, which we’ve successfully grown by 10%. Additionally, their conversion rate has lifted by 53% helping them boost profitability on Google Shopping. 

Overall, we’re super happy with the results VIRAGE London have achieved, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this gem!

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The challenge

Becoming a staple brand in the industry was a must for the jewellery seller

It’s no secret that VIRAGE London are sitting within a competitive industry, so improving their visibility on the Google Shopping carousel was one of their main goals. Managing their Google Shopping campaigns in-house became time consuming, and agencies weren’t producing the desired results, so VIRAGE needed an alternative option. 

Ideally, they needed an automated solution that would put them at the front of the carousel, whilst still maintaining profitability. Access to their data was also desirable, so they could use it for other channels. This is where Bidnamic came in…

VIRAGE London saw a 657% increase in clicks with Bidnamic's machine learning, human thinking

We’re really pleased with the results we’ve seen since teaming up with Bidnamic. Their technology has meant that our products are more visible on the Google Shopping carousel, increasing our clicks and conversion rate.

Tom Morris-Richardson


The solution

VIRAGE needed an automated solution to scale their profitability and shine bright on the carousel 

Bidnamic’s machine learning operates at an individual SKU level, enabling us to bid precisely and profitably. This automated process means that our clients can focus on other areas of their business instead. 

On top of this, our clients have access to personalised comprehensive dashboards featuring real-time, granular data. This allows our clients to see what our technology is doing for them, and means we can collaborate on ways to further improve campaign efforts.

Our Client Success team schedule weekly calls with clients to discuss performance and answer any questions. Gathering information from VIRAGE London helps us to optimise their campaigns and provide the best possible outcome from the channel.

VIRAGE London saw a 657% increase in clicks with Bidnamic's machine learning, human thinking

The scoop

Unique, affordable, and top quality: VIRAGE London are revolutionising the jewellery industry

Passionate about their customers finding their individual styles, VIRAGE London creates unique jewellery focused on design and quality. They’re aware of the obstacles that customers face when shopping for quality jewellery on a budget, so they successfully created a brand that combines luxury with affordability. Every last detail of their jewellery is designed in-house, as VIRAGE wants only the best for their customers.

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