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Europe's leading retailer for bodybuilding supplements increases conversions and reduces cost per acquisition on Google Shopping

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Bidnamic's TST algorithm increased Predator Nutrition's ROAS by 90% | Bidnamic
Bidnamic's TST algorithm increased Predator Nutrition's ROAS by 90% | Bidnamic

The results

Bidnamic’s targeted search term algorithm lowered CPA by 41% and increased conversion rates by 59%

Within six months of launching with Bidnamic, the average CPC decreased by 19% and the CPA by 49%. Before the launch Predator Nutrition was bidding too high on the wrong products which meant the impression share was high but the conversion rate didn’t reflect that.

Bidnamic’s ‘machine learning, human thinking’ approach also looks at modifiers such as devices, ad schedules, and remarketing lists, all of which help to increase ROAS.

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The challenge

Increase conversion rates and reduce CPA

Predator Nutrition was getting an impression share of 46% but only converting 2.10%. They needed a solution that would increase conversion rates while at the same time keeping the CPA low and maintaining a profitable ROAS.

In addition, a large product catalogue and a manual approach meant that historically they had relied on a combination of only bidding on best sellers or applying blanket bids across a range of products, a common strategy for many retailers. Managing their Google Shopping effectively had simply gone beyond what humans can do.

They needed a solution that would enable them to bid more strategically, and reduce wasted ad spend.

Bidnamic's TST algorithm increased Predator Nutrition's ROAS by 90% | Bidnamic

I’ve been really pleased with our first-year performance with Bidnamic. August was our best month to date in terms of revenue growth and we’re looking forward to seeing more progress working with Bidnamic over the rest the year.

Sam Gill

Head of Acquisition

The solution

Accurate SKU-level bidding, with CPC adjusted to reflect purchase intent

We identified that Predator Nutrition had been bidding too high on search terms that didn’t have any purchase intent.

Bidnamic incorporated a strategy using ‘always on’ machine learning to manage bids, and used targeted search terms to improve ROAS and visibility.

Predator Nutrition has over 4000 SKUs, so bidding on them all manually would be impossible. On average, Bidnamic’s machine learning platform makes nearly 50,000 bid changes in just one week for each client, making sure to position our customers’ products are in front of the right customer, at the right time and the right price.

Bidnamic's TST algorithm increased Predator Nutrition's ROAS by 90% | Bidnamic

The scoop

UK’s leading sports nutrition retailer providing fitness enthusiasts with high-quality products

Predator Nutrition was founded in 2009 in the heart of Leeds. They are the leading sports nutrition business in the UK providing fitness enthusiasts with high-quality products from leading brands such as Driven Sports, Hydrapharm, and many more. As well as a huge online presence, they regularly host unique in-store events at their retail store to attract an even wider audience.

Predator Nutrition has been with Bidnamic since November 2019 and has seen impressive year-on-year growth.

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