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Thermal accessory retailer turns up the heat on Google Shopping

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Heat Holders increased revenue by 309% with high-frequency automation
Heat Holders increased revenue by 309% with high-frequency automation

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A huge boost in both visibility and revenue

Working together, we've helped Heat Holders to massively scale its Google Shopping channel: year-on-year (YoY) clicks increased by 293%. Heat Holders achieved the visibility they were looking for, and gained a 210% increase in conversions alongside this.

Revenue was boosted by 309%, and Heat Holders benefit from a hybrid approach using our technology platform and Performance Max to sustain ROAS during periods of seasonal downtime.

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Seasonal downtime and the need for more visibility

Heat Holders needed to increase their visibility on the Google Shopping carousel - they weren’t getting the traffic they’d hoped for on the channel.

They also wanted to boost profitability, especially during summer when sales were typically lower. Heat Holders needed a solution to adjust bids according to seasonality to account for periods of lower traffic to improve both profitability and visibility.


Heat Holders increased revenue by 309% with high-frequency automation

Bidnamic has helped us scale our Google Shopping channel greatly and we’ve achieved much higher visibility. We’ve also appreciated the team helping us to maintain performance during periods of downtime.

Shane Doughty


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High-frequency automation coupled with seasonal bidding

Our client needed a solution to maximise visibility on the Shopping carousel and boost profitability, especially during seasonal downtime. 

Our technology platform utilises high-frequency automation. This allows us to bid more aggressively for search terms with high purchase intent, informed by real-time data and traffic fluctuations. Using this we find the best bid price for our clients, providing the most visibility with the most profitability.

We can also adjust bidding according to seasonality, helping our clients make the most of high-opportunity periods and optimising during periods of historic downtime, reducing ad waste and improving revenue.

Heat Holders increased revenue by 309% with high-frequency automation

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Say goodbye to lousy thermals

Suffering from cold feet? Back in 2006, David Doughty faced a similar challenge when he was watching his son play football in the cold. Regular thermal socks weren’t providing adequate warmth, and David spotted an opportunity. Over the next two years, David worked tirelessly to create socks that actually did the job and kept your feet warm.

Since then, Heat Holders has grown exponentially, using a three-stage manufacturing process prioritising quality and effectiveness. From dog walkers to anglers and farmers, Heat Holders has a product for you. Their exceptional thermal qualities have even found medical applications.

Heat Holders has expanded its range to include other products such as hats, leggings, and blankets - all of which have warmth as a priority, so you’re sure to find something for your needs.

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