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Bidnamic helps fishing experts reel in customers, furthering their Google Shopping growth with automation

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Glasgow Angling Centre saw an increase of 179% in revenue with Bidnamic’s machine learning platform
Glasgow Angling Centre saw an increase of 179% in revenue with Bidnamic’s machine learning platform

The results

Reeling in customers: with increased visibility came increased revenue

Using Bidnamic’s machine learning technology, Glasgow Angling Centre were able to increase their revenue on Shopping by 179% YoY. Being able to bid at a granular SKU level, we're able to get Glasgow Angling Centre’s Shopping ads in front of the most relevant shoppers when their purchase intent is highest. Our automation, alongside scheduled calls from our Client Success team, takes care of the complicated stuff, giving our client time to focus on other parts of the business.

Impressions increased by 136% YoY, demonstrating how Bidnamic’s technology increased visibility on Google Shopping. Coupled with this, clicks increased by 102%, so the Fishing Megastore received more traffic on their Shopping ads than they had when they were manually managing their campaigns in-house.

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The challenge

Glasgow Angling Centre was struggling with how much time went into campaign management

Google Shopping can be a time-consuming channel, especially if you want to utilise it to its full potential. Glasgow Angling Centre didn’t have the time to manually manage their Shopping platform in the way they currently were, which was in-house.

Glasgow Angling Centre also had difficulties with their ad spend on Shopping which they needed to fix in order to make the channel profitable. Bidding on low intent keywords can lead to decreased visibility, thereby causing you to lose out on conversions. Glasgow Angling Centre needed an automated solution to prevent this wasted ad spend and maintain profitability on the channel.

Glasgow Angling Centre saw an increase of 179% in revenue with Bidnamic’s machine learning platform

Google Shopping is an all-consuming beast that treats your time and money as bottomless resources. Bidnamic has successfully tamed this animal, saving me an enormous amount of time and money.

Stuart Lang

IT Manager

The solution

Bidnamic’s platform bids at the SKU level and responds to traffic in real-time

With Bidnamic’s capability to operate at an individual SKU level, we can change CPCs on the fly when things like conversion rate fluctuate, or if there’s a surge in search traffic. As this is automated, the time-consuming aspect of Shopping is taken away, allowing our clients to focus on other parts of their businesses.

Glasgow Angling Centre challenged our team to make their Shopping channel profitable in their least profitable month, February. With Bidnamic’s machine learning technology, we achieved this goal. Alongside this, we set up a dual account for the company, giving them two Google Ads accounts to drive even further visibility and sales.

For a brand like Glasgow Angling Centre with an extensive product catalogue, manual bidding for each SKU would be near impossible for a human to implement. With a machine learning approach, Bidnamic’s platform can change the bid price for each individual SKU across a huge number of products, letting us bid for visibility on the carousel at the best possible time.

Glasgow Angling Centre saw an increase of 179% in revenue with Bidnamic’s machine learning platform

The scoop

For anglers, the Glasgow Angling Centre Fishing Megastore is the first port of call

Glasgow Angling Centre Fishing Megastore is a global business, supplying a wide range of high-quality fishing goods, such as fishing tackles, hooks, and apparel. With extensive experience and knowledge in this area, they have quickly become a go-to for fishing enthusiasts and novices alike.

Having started with a 5 feet wide market stall, Glasgow Angling Centre has quickly progressed to a much larger business due to demand, with their flagship store opening in 2004. The company aims to keep on growing and seeks to become a one-stop-shop for anglers of all disciplines.

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