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Ready, willing, and AYBL: Women’s sportswear shatters Smart Shopping ceiling with machine learning and human thinking

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AYBL increases revenue by 365% using Bidnamic's machine learning technology | Bidnamic
AYBL increases revenue by 365% using Bidnamic's machine learning technology | Bidnamic

The results

AYBL grows ROAS and revenue by 37% and 365% respectively, thanks to Bidnamic’s transparent automated bid management 

Using Bidnamic’s machine learning, human thinking approach, AYBL experienced immense results rapidly, driving ROAS and revenue, as well as conversion rate by 23%, all the while cutting their cost of customer acquisition by 20%.

The surging conversions and revenue means AYBL have moved to bigger warehouse facilities to maintain stock and meet demand. AYBL has also been to grow further afield, establishing their brand on Google Shopping in the US, with additional plans to grow their brand presence in Germany and The Netherlands.

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The challenge

Without access to invaluable data insights, AYBL was struggling to grow their presence in a saturated market

During AYBL’s introductory months, the brand chose Google’s automated tool, Smart Shopping, to manage their bids on the platform. AYBL was running into obstacles maintaining visibility against large competitors in an already saturated market. 

Smart Shopping removes access to invaluable data, such as the placement of your Shopping ads around the internet, and how your budget is being spent. Without access to their data, AYBL couldn’t be confident their ad spend was being used profitably. 

AYBL needed a solution enabling them to gain and maintain visibility on the carousel, retain customers with a low CPA, and grow the brand’s presence and performance on Google Shopping. 

Without granular, SKU level data, the brand couldn’t assess the performance of each SKU or, worse, how much was being spent and made back on each SKU. They needed automation with complete transparency and control.

AYBL increases revenue by 365% using Bidnamic's machine learning technology | Bidnamic

We’ve been able to work really closely with Eliot and the team in weekly calls with amazing advice and feedback. With Bidnamic we’ve been able to open another warehouse and expand AYBL internationally.

Reiss Edgerton

Reiss Edgerton

Co-Founder and CEO

The solution

AYBL needed an automated solution providing data access down to a granular SKU level

Bidnamic’s technology combines machine learning with human thinking. The result is intelligent automation which is always on, and always learning from sales data. This wealth of data is available to clients on a 24/7 basis from a personalised dashboard in their Google Data Studio.

This data enables clients to have a clear understanding of how their budget is being spent, and what search terms can be reused in other settings such as SEO, text ads and social media to drive performance across multiple platforms. 

What’s more, the automation is able to track data creating a unique bid for every single SKU, using over one hundred relevant variables, so that you’re never overspending for your sales nor underbidding and missing priceless traffic.

AYBL was already using automation, and adopting a manual approach would only be a step backwards. What AYBL needed was a form of automation without blockers, and with additional human expertise and advice.

AYBL increases revenue by 365% using Bidnamic's machine learning technology | Bidnamic

The scoop

Empowering activewear brand helps women to achieve their fitness goals

Founded in 2018 by brothers Reiss and Kristian Edgerton, AYBL is a women’s sportswear brand aimed at the 18-24 demographic. Inspiring women everywhere to undertake their own journey for health - be it physical or mental - the brand has cultivated a strong presence across Western Europe and North America.

Aiming to provide affordable and high-quality products, the brothers’ brand has gone from strength to strength, achieving a 600% profit growth of £2.4 million in their third year.

Having joined Bidnamic during the UK’s second pandemic lockdown, AYBL intended to continue their impressive growth, banking on the return of eager Brits to their local gyms.

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