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Discover the latest trends, insights, and tips for how to win at Google Shopping in 2022.

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What is it?

This report explores the wider market trends impacting online retailers, as well as taking a deep dive into Google Shopping trends using data from Bidnamic’s machine learning automated bidding platform.

Find out:

  • How the pandemic is driving changes in average CPC
  • How search volumes for your category are changing
  • What to do in 2022 to beat your competition
We also spoke to a range of industry experts including Klarna, Trustpilot, Salesfire, Wunderkind, OnBuy, Huboo, and Mapp who gave us some of their insights for the year ahead.


We leave you with predictions for 2022, offering expert views from the specialists at Bidnamic. 

Put your brand in the best position to compete using our latest analyses, insights, and trends in ecommerce and Google Shopping.

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to the report, from the team at Bidnamic (you know who you are), to our wonderful clients and partners for the fascinating insights shared.

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Tom Cross

Tom Cross

Tom is a Content Marketing Executive, producing content and case studies to simplify the Google Shopping experience, and help our clients discover if Google Shopping is the right channel for them. With an MA in English Literature, Tom has a passion for writing and sharing information with the masses.

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