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Image illustrates the cost of paid clicks bouncing back from your product page.

On average, more than 50% of ad spend is wasted on bounced clicks.

There are two main causes.

Layer 1 1

Image explains that when the page load speed increases from 1 second to 5 seconds, the probability of bounce increases by 90%.

Shoppers are frustrated by slow page load speeds

Any page that takes more than one second to load increases the chances that users will bounce and go to your competitors.

Image branded to Bidnamic colour and logo reads "solution"

One second loading time minimizes bounced clicks

Bidnamic Discovery Pages cut out unnecessary assets and code for superfast loading times and easier browsing.

Bidnamic Discovery Pages offer superfast loading to keep those impatient shoppers from bouncing.

Layer 1 2

Your product pages may have a high bounce rate because the recommended items aren't related to the ad they clicked on. Image visualises this.

Shoppers exit the site without finding the right product to buy

Over 80% of searches on Google Shopping are generic, but they land on specific product detail pages.

Image branded to Bidnamic colour and logo reads "solution"

Above-the-fold alternatives 
instantly connect shoppers to the right product

With Bidnamic Discovery Pages, product intelligence helps visitors find what they're really looking for, increasing your conversion rates.

Discovery Pages display alternative items above the fold, with other related items featured below the fold. Image shows real example of this.

case study bar

Graphic depicts Appalachian Outfitters' boot, highlighting how bounce rate dropped 9% and conversion rate grew 11% with Bidnamic Discovery Pages.

case study bar

Outdoor specialists, Appalachian Outfitters cut their bounce rate by 9% and increased their conversion rate by 11% with Bidnamic Discovery Pages.

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How Discovery Pages work

We built Discovery Pages specifically with the Google Shopping customer journey in mind, to improve product discovery and increase the chances of purchase.

With Discovery Pages, you can be channel specific. Image shows example customer journey from generic search term right through to checkout.

Landing pages optimized for all devices

Discovery Pages provide a seamless transition from Google Ads to your website.

Mobile or desktop, we maximize page speed and product discovery to help shoppers to find what they're looking for.

BID_123_Discovery page_Podcast_Images_2.2_05 Discover solution mobile screen
Bidnamic's AI technology analyzes performance across dozens of variables to determine the most relevant alternative. Image illustrates this.

We generate product intelligence for everything you sell

Our AI technology runs 24/7, analyzing over 100 variables from product category and gender, to size, model and material.

Product intelligence maps connections between each product in your catalogue and search term data.

Providing intelligent
alternatives for every SKU

Bidnamic's product intelligence technology displays relevant alternative products for each SKU in your catalog.

Discovery Pages deliver these alternatives so your shoppers can quickly and easily find the item that really takes their fancy.

Discovery Pages display highly relevant alternative items above the fold. Image shows three very similar items from the same brand.

Discover superfast landing pages for
your Google Shopping campaigns

On-brand, high performance

A new, superfast landing page won't sacrifice your branding. Our Discovery Pages are fully integrated in your Shopify website and customizable to preserve your brand’s look and feel. Your logo, colors, and fonts aren't going anywhere.

Discovery Pages maintain all your branding elements like logo, colours and fonts. Image shows a laptop with an example Discovery Page.

Product pages or Discovery pages? Both.

Your product pages are already optimized with technologies elements to facilitate shopping. So don't replace them, build on them with a Google Shopping landing page - don't waste paid clicks. 
Here's why you should send traffic to a dedicated landing page.

Elements of a great product page Elements of a great Google Shopping landing page
Related product info A wide range of similar products
Merchandising and recommended products Above-the-fold product alternatives
Newsletter and discount pop-ups Fast-loading page
Behavioral tracking Clearly accessible site search
Rollover zoom feature Product review feature
Video assets Alternatives driven by AI technology
Live chat feature
Customer review feature


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"We’ve already seen a huge difference in our bounce rate from Shopping ads and an impressive increase in conversions as a result."

Kevin Leffler
Senior Buyer, Appalachian Outfitters

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